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Weddings & Honeymoons

Reasons for a Destination Wedding

Getting married in a beautiful and romantic destination is what every engaged couple dreams of. In addition to making all your dreams come true, a destination wedding is also:


Easy - Most resorts have full-time, onsite wedding planners, arranging every aspect of your special day and leaving you nothing to do but relax.


Memorable - Having your family and special friends around you in a beautiful destination will create a celebration you’ll never forget.


Money-saving - Destination weddings are often less expensive than traditional weddings due to their smaller size. In addition, you’re already in the destination where you plan to spend your honeymoon, and many resorts offer special complimentary weddings or affordable wedding packages. You’ll also spend a lot less by choosing an all-inclusive resort where much of the food and beverage expense is part of the lodging costs that will be assumed by your guests. You can also save more by having your wedding during the slow season in the destination you choose.


Sensible - With many of today’s families spread out throughout the United States, they’ll have to travel to your wedding anyway, so why not have them travel to a beautiful and fun destination instead!?


Civil Wedding and Notary Services

Civil Wedding Ceremony Services


All About Travel is happy to offer Civil Wedding Ceremony services. Our officiant is a legally ordained minister able to perform a wedding ceremony in our office or even travel to your special location. Your ceremony can be a simple exchange of "I do's" to a custom sand ceremony. 


If a Destination Wedding or Honeymoon package is booked with All About Travel the base ceremony fee is $100.00.


The fee for a ceremony with no romance travel package booked with All About Travel is $200.00.


Please contact our office to find out more details.


Click here to be directed to the Minnehaha Court House for city and state legal requirements.


Notary Public Services

Do you have documents that need to be notarized?  All About Travel has a Notary Public on staff that can notarize too!

Notary Fees:

  • Acknowledgments - $10.00
  • Oaths or affirmations - $10.00
  • Jurats - $10.00


Contact us if you need this service.


Plan your ever after with us!

Congratulations, you're getting married!  All About Travel, Inc. is ready to help you plan your Destination Wedding or honeymoon. Our agents have many years of experience in creating Destination Wedding and Honeymoon packages that exceed all expectations.


Destination weddings are rapidly becoming popular with many couples who want be married among friends and family in a relaxed and unique setting. You can design your destination wedding to be anything you desire giving new and literal meaning to the concept of a "dream wedding"! Join your lives together in an intimate ceremony with just the two of you or a host a small ceremony with family and a few close friends in a romantic destination. You can even choose to have an elaborate destination wedding with all of your extended family and friends.


All About Travel specializes in making your wedding dreams come true. Whether you are looking for an exciting wedding in Las Vegas, a romantic tropical beach location, in a romantic jungle or an enchanting castle or villa in Europe our experienced travel agents promise to make your wedding day a day to remember.


Steps to planning your destination wedding


Pick your paradise 
Choosing where to have your wedding involves several things to think about:
What kind of things do you like to do?  Do you love the beach, but your fiancé would prefer to stay in the U.S.? It’s your special day; where do you want to spend it together? All About Travel will help guide you to your dream location.

What are the travel plans of you and your guests?

You may be spending a week or more, but many of your guests may be staying for a shorter length of time. Keep the travel distance and time in mind when choosing your destination. All About Travel's can offer invaluable suggestions for you and your guests.

What’s your budget — and the budget of your guests?

You don’t have to have your budget finalized, but remember that a wedding in Las Vegas will cost less than one in Jamaica, simply because of travel costs. All About Travel will seek out the best value for your budget.

What are the entry requirements?

Government legislation now requires all people traveling to and from the U.S. or Canada to have a passport. All About Travel has passport applications in our office.
What are the marriage requirements?

Some destinations may have residency requirements, meaning you may need to be in the destination for a set number of days before you can get married. Additional requirements may include blood tests and legal documentation. All About Travel will research all of the marriage requirements for you.


                  Honeymoon planning is made easy when working with our agents. Maximizing your budget while seeking out the perfect spot to celebrate the beginning of your new life is a task we take very seriously. We listen to your wants and ideas and offer some of our own and together we find the right blend of fun, romance and adventure that you are looking for. We will help you plan that perfect honeymoon, from the best honeymoon destinations, finding the accommodations that will make your honeymoon unforgettable.  Whether you want to relax on an amazing beach in the Caribbean, see the sights of Europe, explore the rainforest in Costa Rica, go on an African Safari or stay in an over the water bungalow in the South Pacific, get travel advice from our staff at All About Travel.  We have years of experience and no matter where your dream honeymoon is there is a good chance one of our agents have been there and offer you first-hand knowledge.


                    Bridal Registry services are offered with the help of We will help you setup a very user friendly and amazing Bridal Registry so family and friends can help get you on your way to the destination wedding and honeymoon you have always wanted. The money in the registry can be earmarked for specific tours, put towards your package, or even be used for upgraded room amenities. The ideas are endless!


                      For Destination Wedding, Honeymoon or Bridal registry information click here, then complete and submit the form. An All About Travel agent will respond within 1 business day day to begin the planning process.


                      I Do Still - Why Do a Vow Renewal?


                      Simply put, a vow renewal is an opportunity to say "I do" again. Are you are celebrating 10, 25 or 50 years together? A Vow Renewal tells the world that you'd do it all over again. 


                      Your Wedding vow renewal ceremony can be as creative and personal as you want it to be. You can have an intimate ceremony with just the two of you or a host a small ceremony with family and close friends. Maybe an elaborate vow renewal with all of your extended family and friends is right for you.  Whatever you are looking for All About Travel can make your re-wedding dream come true. 


















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